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Life with flowers and music.

Introducing the fourth release from "vase", a concept label in collaboration with the flower subscription service "LIFFT Regular Service" provided by the flower brand "LIFFT", which upholds the principle of "Farm to Vase - from the farm to your home (vase)".

"Tsubaki" is an art piece woven by beats that symbolize the profound beauty of Japanese aesthetics and the pulse of life.

The beat, which captures the rhythm of the heart and constructs each moment, gives vitality to the listener.

The simple yet fluctuating serene tones color the everyday living space with a fantastical soundscape.
The resonance of rhythm and vitality born between "Tsubaki" and the listener creates a new form of installation art as a truly personal musical experience.

The artwork is by Yuki Kudo, Director of, which operates LIFFT.

Capturing a fallen camellia as if responding to the decisive beat, the artwork expresses the beauty and transience of life.

The stark contrast between the dignified blue space and the camellia is extremely beautiful, poetically depicting the camellia, which remains proudly beautiful even in its fallen state.


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