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Life with flowers and music.

Introducing the first release from "vase", a concept label collaborating with the flower subscription service "LIFFT Regular Service" provided by the flower brand "LIFFT", which upholds the concept of "Farm to Vase - from the farm to your home (vase)".

This extremely beautiful and quiet piano piece, like flowers breathing in a room, will bring serenity to your emotions and living space.

This is because the timbre and melodies of the piano spun by Misaki Umei can access your heart directly, offering a soft and warm touch.

The prose-like melody may at times provoke introspection, and could potentially act as a catalyst to forcibly evoke enclosed recollections.

Such a melody can resonate strongly with your emotions.

If you need quiet time, press the play button right now.

Once playback begins, you will feel as if it's being performed in your room.

A personal and quiet concert can be held at any time.

We hope that this piece will be quietly engraved in a corner of your life.

The artwork is by Yuki Kudo, Director of the flower company, which runs "LIFFT". A gently inserted pink rose embodies a time and scent that sway with the prose-like melody.

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