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Life with flowers and music.

Introducing the third release from "vase", a concept label in collaboration with the flower subscription service "LIFFT Regular Service" provided by the flower brand "LIFFT", which upholds the principle of "Farm to Vase - from the farm to your home (vase)".

Art birthed by nature: Helleborus.

A piano piece that leads to quiet introspection, echoing the flower's language, "Reminiscence".

The elegant Helleborus, carrying the flower language of reminiscence.

The beautiful melody of Helleborus resonates with memories lurking in the depths of the heart, illustrating a dialogue with the past. It creates a monochrome time, inviting you into a world of gentle recollections and introspection.

The artwork is by Yuki Kudo, Director of, which operates LIFFT.

To protect its precious pollen, the Helleborus blooms downward, standing beautifully while protecting what needs to be protected.

The artwork depicts an overview of the resonating situation, where the melody played as if to protect precious memories and the Helleborus coexist.

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